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inClass is a cloud based SaaS virtual classroom platform, transforms every traditional classroom of schools, colleges, or universities into a boundary-less virtual space where students and teachers can interact in a face-to-face real-life session very easily.

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Easy IT Administration
Easy IT Administration

inClass can be deployed, and managed effortlessly, even with minimal IT support.

Easy Collaboration
Easy Collaboration

inClass seamless video conferencing makes the virtual classroom more engaging and help students and teachers to be more productive.

Secure easy to use
Secure, and Easy To Use

inClass works on WebRTC platform with AES encryption which ensures highest reliability and security.

Collaborate Globally

inClass instantly connects students with teachers and classrooms across the globe, who bring different perspectives from diverse cultures geographically. It prepares the students to be future ready, more open, tolerant and ready to be the citizen of tomorrow.

Collaborate Globally

Record and Share in the Classroom

inClass video conferencing platform, helps to deliver live online classes from anywhere, anytime. The lectures can also be recorded and saved at the same time, for the students who couldn’t attend or if they want to simply learn again for revision.

Learning without borders

Learning On The Go

Video conferencing enables learning from the comfort of the home or a local library, on the bus, or even during a family vacation. This approach can emit the students from being physically present in their school premises to learn.

Learning by doing
Learn by doing

Learning by doing

Video conferencing for schools brings expert teachers directly to students without the costs of travel from the comfort of the home. Instead of being limited by budgets or permissions, teachers can refresh their curriculum by bringing in outside experts to engage their college or K-12 students in new ways.

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inClass video collaboration platform, helps the education sector to be more efficient, and cost effective; all the while enhancing the use of time.

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